I made a mix for the 30th century records mixcloud—new trip on the old wine. It features some tunes i’ve been listening to constantly these days. It also checks in to some improvisational Leonard Cohen live moments, Wally and Andre’s always generous film-conversation and some even deeper cuts…enjoy!

Winter Window, 2018


We’ve started making short updates from the road in a series called Maybirding. Here are the first two, from our tours in October supporting The Babe Rainbow and Portugal. the Man. More soon!

Just came across this–“out in the desert the yin yang projector, made a legend of the marketing director”–a wonderful song by The Low Anthem:

Maybird – Looking Back

Here is the new Maybird music video for “Looking Back.” It was edited using footage filmed from the time of our childhood up to the present moment. Working with our home movies, skate videos and concert footage, among other clips, we tried to find moments that matched the tone of the song and that reflected the song’s lyrical takes on the ways in which we experience and create memories.

MD Woods – Young & Vain Vol. 2

MD Woods just released the second volume of the Young & Vain series of EPs. I played drums on this one with my good friends in Rochester, NY a little more than a year ago. You can stream and/or purchase the album at bandcamp.